Mezzanine Series

Multi-share collaboration for every team, every space
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Mezzanine + Cisco

The multi-share experience for Cisco customers
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Now Available on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL)

our customers agree:

"The ability to use Mezzanine and bring everyone into one place, in real time, meant that it was a five-hour effort as opposed to a five-week?effort."

Chad Douglas | Director Preconstruction, Holder Construction

I was surprised that so much information can be shared beyond time and space, and be mixed and match to create truly innovative ideas.


“Oblong technology completely destroys and disrupts the paradigm we have been living with for the last twenty years”

Mandeep Jawa | Director Emerging Workplace Technologies, PwC

"Being able to demonstrate Watson technology with spatial computing and infopresence has brought a powerful new dynamic to the way we work with?clients"

Ed Harbour | Vice President, IBM Watson

"The amount of time Mezzanine has
saved is not even measurable."

Ron Hill | Director of Photography, CBS

a few of our customers

See why large companies, government agencies, and universities choose Oblong's solutions for their business
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